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Need a local Exeter estate agent, to find out the local weather, see what public services are available, read some visitor reviews, or find a local Exeter business. This page provides a connection to lots of things local for the Exeter resident or visitor. Why not try the Exeter Directory - a growing catalogue of entries for topics including shopping to sports.

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Connect to lots of things local - for the resident or visitor.

Exeter Property

Residential property area information including real estate agents for sales and letting.
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Event Calendar

From some of the very best top sporting events, free festivals and interesting exhibitions.
Exeter Events

Public Services

Local public services and organisations in Exeter.

Views, Comments and Reviews

Exeter Memories, Views and Stories.

Exeter Weather

3-day forecast for Exeter from BBC Weather, including weather, temperature and wind information.

Things to Do

Things to Do

Things to do in Exeter is broad and diverse and offers something for all...

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Things to Do

Nearby Attractions

There are plenty on offer from stately homes and gardens to adventure parks and castles....

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Things to Do

Places to See

Once discovered, lots of visitors come back again and again to enjoy what's special in Exeter...

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City Essentials
Exeter Hotel Accommodation Accommodation

Whatever your budget, whatever the occasion - you'll find some great Accommodation deals in Exeter from Hotels to Guest Houses....

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Exeter Shopping Shopping

Shops to satisfy everybody's taste from luxury to quirky - The City is becoming the region's favourite with ongoing developments that's attracting the very best in retail....

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Things to Do - Red Coat Tours Things to Do

Are you looking for area attractions, a night out in the city, or may be a little history - There's lots of places to see and things to do in Exeter....

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