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I don't know if you are familiar with this poem, it means a great deal to me as this is how I feel about Exeter as well as other areas.

The County of Devon
A peaceful place
With skys of cobalt blue
The long golden stretches of sand,
Ankles splashed by the surf.

Devon, whose history is bound by the sea,
Drake, Hawkins, Gilbert and Raleigh
Those great seafarers
They to loved Devon.

Yet my love is dissimilar
A love associated with solitude.
For me it is a county to which I go
to be at one with myself.

Bathing in its tranquillity,
Viewing historic sights,
not needing to speak to another
because I am offered so much.

Time stands still,
I wander the streets
Enjoying the peace,
And when I am away,
how I long to return.

Jessie from USA
Dear Webmaster I would like to congratulate you on the Exeter views web pages. I found it a very useful tool in planning my recent trip to the area. Your guide was very clear to the City of Exeter! I will definitely visit this beautiful part of Devon again.... Thank you
Mr K from CA USA
I am writing to you to congratulate your page. I have been looking for Exeter links and pages for the past year now and would like to say that yours has definitely been the most informative.....thanx
Mr B from Cheshire UK
Hello!! I`ve been looking for Exeter pages for over half a year and at last I have found a page which suits me. It is one of the most beautiful places I`ve ever seen!!!....Thanks for a lovely site!
Bente from Norway

G Cardy from Berkshire UK
I was there two years ago and I enjoyed the time over there very much!! I spent a wonderful month in Exeter! I hope to come back again this summer!!
Alessandra - ITALY
How do you do. My wife and I visited Exeter last August. We stayed for three days. We enjoyed very much. I had been there and had studied English for a year when I was a high school student. I had yearned to see Exeter again and I could! Dear High street, dear Pubs and dear Cathedral!! Thank you for your HP. I can see Exeter on the Internet anytime. My wife also wish to visit again. I say again thank you. Please forgive my poor English. Toru
Toru - JAPAN
I studied at St. Loye's College, Exeter back in the 1980's and ever since Exeter has been a very special place to me. Finding this site has bought back some wonderful memories of my years in the city. I especially loved the photos.
Danielle - South Glos
Hi I'm originally from Exwick Exeter. I moved to Sydney 7 years ago. I haven't been home for 4 so looking at your site and the live web cams keep me in touch with home everyday, thanks for your great site!
Lee - Sydney N.S.W Australia
Excellent, this has really helped me with my geography coursework. Especially the pictures. Cheers. There should be more pages like this on the web!!!!!!!
Liz - Plymouth
Brill site.Very usefull
Diane - Pontefract West Yorks
I did not know that there was a city of Exeter in the United Kingdom. I live in Visalia, California, which is located approximately 7 miles east of Exeter, CA. I just wanted to find some sites which have informaton on Englands Exeter. Thanks
Henry - California
Hello all, I've been to Exeter 5 different times and really I enjoyed my staying there. People in this city are so friendly and it is a quiet area for those who are looking for study and to spend their vacation. I think this site will serve so many people who are looking forward to seeing it a long time before they go. It is outstanding effort and I like it very much...
Fayez - Saudia Arabia
My family name 'Marker' originates from Exeter. They moved to Wales in 1803 to work in the tin mines. I researched my family tree as far back as 1700. Exeter is a beautiful city full of historical charm. Its inhabitants welcomed me warmly and people from all walks of life helped me with my research.
John - Wales
I went to school in Exeter during my father's sabbatical leaves in my youth. I loved every minute of it. Now, many years later, I'm scheduled to visit in March 2007 to show my husband all the places of my fondest memories. Hope Exeter hasn't changed too much!
Tara - BC, Canada
It's been 10 years since I last visited Exeter... and it's impossible to ignore what that experience meant, means to me. I studied there at The Isca School of English, with that special family, Mr & Ms Tomlinson, during three summer seasons, and all the organisation was great; High Street, The Cathedral, the Quay... Sure, someday I must return!!
Lucia - Asturias, Spain
Hello, I have been in Exeter several times. First time 13 years ago. I love the city I studied in Isca School. Other time I worked as aupair, and I visited last time in 2002 with my husband. I have very good memories. I had very good friends when I was in my early twenties and I have a wonderful family there I still keep in touch. I love the city, the cathedral, the streets, the quay, the pubs, the people, shops. The months I spend in Exeter for learning English and the people I met there have been very important in my life now I would like to go with my little son.
Ana - San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

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