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Exeter Historic Buildings Exeter - A city steeped in history with some fine historic buildings and landmarks

Exeter is one of the oldest cities in England and despite the efforts of time and history, it has still managed to hold on to an inherited wealth of some fine period architecture and monuments throughout. With Exeter Cathedral undoubtedly the flagship and most popular of all the city's jewels, there are still many notable buildings that are deserving of a visit.

Exeter Historic Buildings

The House That Moved

The 'House that Moved' is located at the lower end of Western Way near the Exe Bridges roundabout. This 14th century Tudor building weighing more than 21 tons was moved in 1961 from its original location on the corner of Edmund Street to allow for a new road to be built. It was strapped together and slowly moved a few inches at a time to its present day home.

Stepcote Hill

Just across the road is a cobbled medieval hill known as Stepcote Hill. The hill is lined with 15th century merchant houses and was once the main route into Exeter from the west side.

Exeter's first bridge (1240) over the River Exe is located in the centre of the busy inner by-pass (Western Way). The medieval bridge now stands dry as the river runs a different route. At one time this would have also been part of the main route into the city, crossing the River Exe from the west and going on to climb Stepcote Hill.

St Mary Steps Church / Matthew The Miller Clock

Also in this area, adjacent to The House That Moved at the bottom of West Street, is the St Mary Steps Church. The church is of 12th century origin and has an interesting (1620) Matthew the Miller clock on the outside with figures that strike the hour.

St Nicholas Priory

The Benedictine Priory of St Nicholas is a well preserved wing of a once much larger building dating back to the eleventh century in the times of William the Conqueror. The Norman features include a large guest hall, which was used by the Prior for entertaining.

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